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Welcome to my blog. At various times in the course of my coding rambles (chiefly with colleagues, team members etc.) , I have been meaning to share some of my thought processes with an extended audience. Previous attempts on my part have been abortive because I ended up writing most of my thoughts into free format wikis and design documents within the company that I worked for. Hence most of my thought processes became part and parcel of the IP(Intellectual Property) of the companies that I worked for rather than contribute to an extended body of knowledge. That was not very good since I benefited from others who shared their thoughts out in the open. Hence this time I thought I would use this forum to talk about some of my experiences . Let us see how successfully I would be this time around.

Just to give a brief bio, I have been in the coding business for the last 15 years or so. I have always enjoyed being “hands on” with my coding. Worked with a gamut of companies mostly in the financial sector (think Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Bank One, Citi group etc.) across multiple technologies and platforms (J2EE, C, C++, Scripting, Datawarehousing, X Windows etc.) I currently head a team of J2EE architects. We consult across multiple projects and develop some cool stuff. But nothing gives me more pleasure than to actually write the code myself. I am intending to share some of the fun stuff that I came up in these pages.