Stevey Can Rant.. I Cant

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Stevey’s Rant has been making the blogging rounds recently. Everyone and their aged and ailing mothers are talking about it including yours truly of course - not my mom though - with this post.  I like the rant of course along with the multitude. Who can resist reading contemptuous digs on Jeff Bezos or for that matter on Google or Microsoft? Not me.. Like most wanna be billionaires who has to be content with the measly dole that gets meted out to enterprise architects, I have always looked askance at these “rags to riches” guys with their perceived pomposity and apparent disdain for the people who work for them. At least it makes me feel good to contemplate possible nicks in their spiritual armor. Honestly,  I personally know too little about them to take a stand one way or the other. But isn’t it remarkable that most technical heads of companies have been accused of the same thing i.e. they just cant seem to let go of the finer details. I guess that is the problem. It seems techies can’t delegate well. And when you have strong opinions backed by an insatiable penchant to count the pixels it is harder.

One thing that particularly jived well with me is that it is pretty funny despite the fact that it is liberally sprayed with technical insights. One would have thought that technology is almost an antipathy to anything in the nature of humor. But this rant proves one wrong.

Another reflection is that it is pretty “forthright” - if I can be excused for using an understatement. Many a time I get tempted to take a scalpel in hand and tear down the management of one or the other of the companies that I worked for but could never muster the courage nor the bank balance to make up for such an outright assault. So all in all it gives me some amount of sadistic pleasure to see another passionate guy giving vent and in the process possibly taking another step towards his “google”ian grave if that is the word I want.

Which brings me to another comment that I am seeing a lot about this rant. People were profuse in their praise for Google for condescending to leave the post on in Google+. But I maintain that it would seem incredibly bad form to remove it just because someone did not resound with the views of the powers that be. The lone voice of discord may well take your company out of the trouble that sometimes you are prone to get into as you flex your muscles and start to grow.

All in all I would heartily recommend a read.