About me

Whether, I am a blob of inert physical matter hurtling through space in a deterministic fashion or an individual expressly constructed to serve a definite purpose, is probably something that is best left to theology or philosophy. All I know is that I abide by Rene Descartes’s “Cogito Ergo Sum” (I think therefore I am) . There is not a single waking moment when I am not ruminating over something or the other or to be more precise when I am not confounded by something or the other. As such Indian mysticism, scientific philosophy and computer architecture are my eternal seductions. Nothing turns me on more than recursion or the great Himalayan yogis or for that matter design patterns. Since the time I acquired this domain name, I have been sparing no efforts to inflict on an unwitting public, some of my thoughts on these things. This blog is one of the many culminations of this energy on my part.

This blog is all about my travails with software development and management. Like Douglas Hofstadter says in his classic book GEB, there are two modes in which we can operate – the M Mode and the I Mode. (Hofstadter also mentions a UMode which I am leaving as an exercise to the reader 🙂 (come on do something – dont expect me to tell you everything(this is a case of recursion by the way))) In the M or the Mechanical mode, people just do things without thinking about them. In the I mode or Intelligent mode, people tend to ruminate over what they have done and endeavor to find opportunities in enhancing their way of doing things. I think Computer Architecture is all about the I Mode. Unless you think about what you are doing, you cannot step back and take stock of what is going on.

From working in the computer industry for close to a couple of decades, I have seen that unless you are in the I Mode perpetually, you wont enjoy IT. So partake of some Java and read on.. If you have come so far, you might as well go at it and let me know what you think…

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