On Estimation & Agility
    This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Software Engineering & Agility

    This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Software Engineering & AgilityI was doing an estimation review recently. At first blush, I am instinctively uncomfortable about anything that requires a high degree of predictability in software development since that is going to be violated if you are ever intending to produce software that could be […]

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Value Object Wizard (VOW)

  Launching the Value Object Wizard I have launched a project called Value Object Wizard in sourceforge. Please take a quick look and send me your comments. The details are in the home page.  


Engineering in a Software Development Company
This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Software Engineering & Agility

I used to work with banks and financial companies chiefly. In these institutions, it was natural to have two different streams viz. the software stream and the core business stream – be it banking, brokerage or whatever else. Of course besides these two there are other streams such as infrastructure, administration,HR etc. The structure is […]


The Router Pattern

Browse through all the non integration pattern books and you would not find a Router mentioned. The Router pattern has been recognized as an excellent way to accomplish Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). But it is my contention that their role in application programming has not been sufficiently emphasized. This post seeks to introduce the reader to this exotic beast […]


App Optimization – Asynchronous Pre-fetching Strategies
This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series optimization

I remember perusing through an article on web services some time ago where the author  quips about the similarity between web services and teen sexuality. He said that in both cases, they talk more about it rather than do it and even if they do it they do it pretty bad. A similar comparison can […]


De-coupling releases from deployment
This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series Software Engineering & Agility

IT industry is all about change. Functionality needs to constantly evolve. You need more content, more products, more promotions and what not. In fact, a static web site is not very interesting in the eyes of its users. It gives the impression that the founders have gone fishing and have left the users to their […]


Multi Column Sorting in Java

  Link to code. Java provides a reasonable API for sorting. The Collections.sort() static method which has been modelled from C++ STL caters to a decent cross-section of sorting requirements. This accepts a list of objects and sorts them. To summarize what is provided by the sorting API in java, there are two variants of […]


Perf Analysis – Browser Caches & Response Code 304
This entry is part 5 of 9 in the series optimization

With no offense to the favored species, here is a bad joke about blonds: Question: Why is it a bad idea to give the weekend off to a blond? Answer: Because you have to retrain her on Monday. But browsers, unlike blonds, learn from experience and keep these learnings for sometime. Which means that if […]


On The Zachman Framework

Warning: If you are very fond of the Zachman Framework, you are better off not reading further. The opinions are ...

Bug Driven Development

Some time ago, I was exposed to a project which entered UAT with over a  thousand bugs. Obviously, the project ...

A more detailed look at modularization

Any big application typically has a lot of functionality. It is logical that such a large amount of functionality be ...

The Search Problem

In almost every application, there exists some kind of ability to execute a search for information. In fact, an application ...

The Search Strategy

We all have to write applications that incorporate some kind of filtering. These include the normal search screen which captures ...


It is one of software’s little ironies that most architects would fervently wish to see their software run forever and ...

On the Design of Software Organizations – Balancing Autonomy with Governance

With a spurt in the documented history of any field of endeavor, we will begin to discern some recurring cycles of ...

On IoC containers & Stateful components

If we elevate ourselves enough to sit on a figurative perch in the programming world and look down at the ...

SaaS and Dynamic Database Columns

It has become anathema to write Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements in application programs. For instance, it is frowned upon ...

Patterns,Frameworks, Specifications, Conventions & Configuration

This post is all about introducing the terms above and talking about their place in architecture. There must be some pretty ...