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Perf Analysis – Browser Caches & Response Code 304
This entry is part 5 of 9 in the series optimization

With no offense to the favored species, here is a bad joke about blonds: Question: Why is it a bad idea to give the weekend off to a blond? Answer: Because you have to retrain her on Monday. But browsers, unlike blonds, learn from experience and keep these learnings for sometime. Which means that if […]


Business Model vs. Revenue Model

Even code geeks know that a company needs a business model to survive. A busines model tells you about why the company exists, what does it do and how it makes its money. Traditionally, a business model was combined with the revenue model i.e. it has to talk not only about what the business does […]


The Search Strategy

We all have to write applications that incorporate some kind of filtering. These include the normal search screen which captures a set of criteria for a search. The results are displayed in summary form when the user clicks the “Submit” button. These summary results can be further clicked to show detail views of particular items. […]


On Program Contracts

Contrary to possible expectation, this post is not about signing contracts between companies. It is the contracts that must exist between the various modules within an application. Any application would have a lot of classes that implement various parts of its functionality.  The interface based design principle stipulates that implementations must be fronted by an interface.  This […]


Bug Trends and some interesting SQL stuff

I was recently doing some interesting bug trends for one of the projects that I am managing.  The idea was to track the bug burn rate of my developers and testers. I use a primitive tracking system that is capable of orchestrating a work flow between three statuses viz active, resolved and closed.  Some one […]


Auto wiring Spring Test Cases

Spring is of late being used universally. Hence the need arises to either Test Spring wiring. Write test cases that are best wired using Spring due to the complexity of the wiring of the objects involved. For instance,let us consider a test case that tests a service which in turn utilizes a Dao that in […]


On IoC containers & Stateful components
This entry is part 1 of 9 in the series optimization

If we elevate ourselves enough to sit on a figurative perch in the programming world and look down at the applications that are being developed, we realize that Inversion of Control (IoC) containers have most definitely come here to stay. You see more people than ever before proclaiming expertise in programming  “Java with Springs” – […]


A more detailed look at modularization

Any big application typically has a lot of functionality. It is logical that such a large amount of functionality be ...

On The Zachman Framework

Warning: If you are very fond of the Zachman Framework, you are better off not reading further. The opinions are ...

Project Automation

There was a lady in one of the companies that I had worked for. She was doing, what is probably ...


Mocking - Introduction Objects are first rate citizens in the Java society. Like a typical society the Java world has different ...

The making of a Goliath…

As I take a saunter in the technology landscape, I get to look at the inner workings of many software ...

Organizing and Architecture..

As a practicing architect, I find that I have this obsessive compulsive thing about my applications and the way they ...

On Digesting XML

One of the earliest uses of XML was for the purpose of storing configuration. It was soon realized that XML ...

Google Wave Protocol & Knowledge Management

The Google wave was announced a few weeks ago. It had the most exciting features with a killer interface. We ...

Stevey Can Rant.. I Cant

Stevey's Rant has been making the blogging rounds recently. Everyone and their aged and ailing mothers are talking about it ...

Application Optimization – Design in Retrospect

Application Performance and endurance tests are a terrible duo. They let a badly designed application fester unnoticed for a considerable ...