25+ Years

From 1991, I have taken pride in writing code. Nothing excites me more than intricate design sessions. Product Development is my big love. I love to help products evolve from conception to reality.

Frameworks authored

Coffees consumed

Clients consulted

Billion Hairs split Countries visited

A hands on technologist with a passion for engineering complex solutions with simplicity.

Massive Digital Transformations. Simple Open Source based technologies. Omni Channel Commerce consulting. Full Stack design & development.

My Fortes

Digital Transformations Strategist

Gigantic digital transformations with Fortune 50 companies. Digital roadmaps. Cultural transformation.


Agile transformation in multiple companies. Conducted Agile Audits. Implemented cutting edge agile transformations in multiple companies.

Cloud & Enterprise Architecture

Cloud Architectures. Edge Computing. Micro Services. Massively scalable reactive architectures.

Targeted & Cutting Edge

Latest technology. Latest paradigms. Across both front end and back end.

Life is a journey not a destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson