Posted by raja | 2008/02/24 16:26:53
How to balance out the agile light weight tenets with the agile enabling practices
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Posted by raja | 2011/07/04 07:39:50
Reconciling estimation with agility..
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Posted by raja | 2008/01/14 00:51:09
How the software development companies are producing unaware managers rather than architects while the opposite trend is happening in the rest of the companies who need to produce software for their own use..
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Posted by raja | 2009/02/19 09:45:41
An evolving revenue model seems to work with a lot of companies but it is not easy to present this idea to prospective investors. But a great business model without a clear cut revenue model is choke full of good karma.
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Posted by raja | 2009/07/29 15:22:00
Why do companies become unwieldy?
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Posted by raja | 2010/04/21 02:23:56
Is Bug Driven Development a paradigm to follow?
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Posted by raja | 2011/07/12 04:59:18
Why ramping up your team with code and module structure up front is one of the most important things you can do..
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